Tenerias, San Miguel De Allende, Guanajuato

This residence features all five elements of Feng Shui such as wood and stone floors to interconnect outdoor spaces with interior areas, water fountains to promote positive energy, fireplaces to represent the fire element for success, and metal elements associated with the qualities of pleasure and creativity. Every aspect is intended to create comfort, safety, and harmony throughout the Club.These two-story, two-bedroom, fully furnished elegant residences of 2,615 sqft include 2.5 baths, a walk-in closet, a fully equipped kitchen, and an outdoor private terrace overlooking interior gardens, among other features. For the master bedroom, the architects designed a gorgeous Catalan vault to add space and character to the room, connecting to a large outdoor terrace with impressive views of the Parish Church of San Miguel Arcángel. The ceiling-bleached beams balance the room with visual warmth. The entire effect is solid and powerful, yet Grand. Elite Alliance supports this project. Thirty years ago, Elite Alliance created the world’s first residence club. Since then, it has worked with experienced developers around the globe to generate more than $1 billion in real estate sales. Elite Alliance’s innovative alternative to luxury vacation home ownership increases market size while decreasing acquisition and ongoing costs for buyers. Consequently, residence clubs became the fastest-growing segment of the vacation home market.

Tenerias San Miguel De Allende Guanajuato
2 bedrooms, 2 baths