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Barry Wolfryd

Born in Los Angeles, California but he has conducted the major part of his artistic carrier in Mexico, where he has lived for the last 40 years. The influences of sixties music from Dylan to Frank Zappa and the New York art scene inspired Wolfryd to carry out his first creative trials. These experiences developed an ideological base that he would bind with the culture by means of historic consciousness and social critique. Wolfryd began his artistic studies in 1972 at Housatonic Community College in Bridgeport, Connecticut, U.S.A. At 22 years of age he moved to Mexico, arriving in Cholula, Puebla and commencing his studies at the Universidad of the Americas. In 1975 he enrolled at the Instituto Allende in San Miguel Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico.

Since 1985 he has had 35 individual exhibitions and participated in more than 100 exhibitions in galleries and museums in the United States, South America, Japan, Mexico and Europe. Some of the exhibitions over the last ten years have been hosted by institutions such as Museo de Arte Contemporáneo en Vidrio de Alcorcón, (MAVA), Madrid, Spain (2018); Universidad de Leipzig, Alemania, (2018); The Mulberg Castle Gallery, Schloss Mülberg, Alemania (2018); Venice Glass Week, Venice, Italy (2018); Technology Museum, Real Fábrica de Cristales, Segovia, Spain (2017); José Luis Cuevas Museum, CdMx, Mexico (2017); Cultural Institute of Mexico, Guatemala, Guatemala (2017); Museum of El Carmen, CdMx, Mexico (2017); Museum of Modern Art, Trieste, Italy (2016); City Museum, Quito, Ecuador (2016); Cultural Forum of the Embassy of Mexico, Berlin, Germany (2016); Center Culturel du Mexique, Paris, France (2015); MEXCAT, Barcelona, Spain (2015); Instituto Cervantes, Tokyo, Japan (2015); Palazzo Costanzi, Sala Veruda, Trieste, Italy (2015); MIAA Museum, Frederiksaerk, Denmark (2014); Franz Mayer Museum, CdMx, Mexico (2014); Museo Arte Querétaro, Querétaro, Mexico (2014); VI Miradas Bienal, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico (2014); X Bienal of Monterrey, Antiguo Colegio de San Ildefonso, CdMx, Mexico (2013); X Bienal of Monterrey, MARCO, Monterrey, Mexico (2012); Franz Mayer, CdMx, Mexico (2011); The Arocena Museum, Torreón, Coahuila, Mexico (2010); The Thoreau Center, San Fransisco, Ca. (2008).

The work has been reviewed by prominent curators and critics such as Jorge Juanes, Merry McMasters, Mónica Mayer, José Manuel Springer, Santiago Espinoza de los Monteros, Érik Castillo, John Mason Hart, Andrés de Luna, Luis Carlos Émerich, Luz Sepúlveda, Fernando Gálvez , Carlyn Aguilar, Luis Ramaggio and Sergio C. Fanjul.

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This work is the result of collecting part of the works that I have created as a sculptor, painter and plastic and graphic artist using different techniques in each of the disciplines and arts in which I express my vision, approach, perspective of everyday things, of the landscapes, people, characters, identities among many other aspects of daily human events and even in environments from imagination and surrealism.

Throughout many years as an artist I have been fortunate to present and exhibit my paintings, sculptures and artistic works in different exhibitions, forums and shop windows in some countries including Mexico, which has given rise to interviews and opinions from critical experts and art curators who have offered their sensitive opinion to my versatility of works, which is why, as they are creations that have led me to experience great life experiences in all their ranges, as well as a great effort to materialize them and leave a record in this life and in this world about my emotions and visions, I decided to compile a large part of all those works to concentrate them in this book that is a dream come true.

Each of the works that I have created and that I have included in this book have a history, a reason for being and existing, from my sensitive vision as an artist, for this reason the colors, the strokes, the volumes, the techniques, the tonalities, The titles with which I have baptized each one is a living stamp of my being, gathered with such affection and truth that now the perfect time has come to turn it into a book and relive my years as an artist on each page.



Mexico’s Day of the Dead

Mexico’s Day of the Dead: A Celebration of Life

Day of the Dead —that is a celebration of the continuity of life— is one of Mexico’s most important religious holidays, celebrated in November each year

Far from being a morbid event, Day of Dead emphasizes remembrance of past lives and expresses celebration of the continuity of life. This acknowledgement of life’s continuity has roots which go back to some of Mexico’s oldest civilizations.

Local festivities and traditions vary from place to place, although the ofrendas are the focal point of the celebrations during the festive period.  Mexico City hosts a large and elaborate procession downtown, and provincial towns and cities hold religious processions to mark the occasion.  It’s currently fashionable for participants to have their face painted to emulate Catrinas.

Although Halloween on October 31st and Dia de los Muertos on November 1st and 2nd are strictly speaking two distinct events, in recent times the two festive dates have blended into each other illustrating how Mexico is adept at assimilating foreign things without losing its own identity—and often putting a particularly Mexican stamp on them.

– Mexperience


Our Best Move Ever! – San Miguel de Allende Real Estate

When Adrian and I met in 2003, and our relationship grew to be something permanent, we had two dreams: have a home in Mexico and to own our own business. I had owned my own real estate brokerage in San Francisco, Herth Real Estate, with offices in San Francisco, the Wine Country and Palm Springs. This had been my career, with my start in San Francisco real estate in 1983. In addition to running a successful independent brokerage of 65 agents, Adrian and I had developed a passion for buying and redesigning San Francisco properties. We had worked together on over 20 remodeling projects in San Francisco.

Adrian and I first visited San Miguel in 2007, we were completed enamored and returned 6 weeks later to buy our first home, located in Ojo de Aqua with breathtaking views overlooking all of San Miguel and the Sierra Madre Occidental mountains.

Adrian, born in Nayarit Mexico and educated in the U.S. had some desire to return to his patria, but the truth be told, it was me who had the true passion for life in Mexico. I wanted the experience of living internationally and was attracted by the Mexican culture, Spanish language, great weather and an active art scene. San Miguel de Allende, in the central heart of Mexico checked all the boxes.

Given our experience of the real estate business of San Francisco, we saw that San Miguel offered tremendous opportunity to start a new chapter of our mutual and passionate interest in luxury residential real estate. In 2011, Adrian reached out to Sotheby’s International Realty in New York and opened the conversation to acquire a master franchise for San Miguel de Allende. Through that successful negotiation, we acquired the exclusive master franchise of Sotheby’s International Realty, for the two Mexican states of Querétaro and Guanajuato. We were off to an incredible new adventure!

The move has been a rewarding experience. Life in San Miguel has only proven to be more of everything than I expected. The climate is amazing; the homeless problems of San Francisco do not exist here; the culture is vibrant with great restaurants, live music and a thriving art scene. Additionally, the cost of home ownership is super affordable. The cost of owning and maintaining a home is less than $1,000 USD per month including domestic staff with daily maid service.

Adrian and I have now completed 12 projects in San Miguel, including our new office building located in the heart of the UNESCO historic center, located at Sollano 19. It has been a privilege to purchase and restore a 300 year old iconic property.

In moving to San Miguel, I brought the California real estate standard of professional practice to our luxury real estate business. I am proud of having grown the most successful group of 20 full-time bilingual and bi-cultural agents and have nearly a 50% market share. As a result, Adrian and I have built a tight supportive community of clients and friends. Life is good and our lifestyle is indeed enviable.

Top 4 Country Houses In San Miguel de Allende Real Estate

One of the most attractive features of living in this UNESCO world heritage site is the scenery that it provides. Lush mountains, beautiful flora and fauna surround the colonial landscape of the town. As such, architects throughout the decades have taken advantage of this fact and built some of the best Country houses in San Miguel de Allende. Here are our top picks.

Casa Pirules – All About Lifestyle

Being a short distance from historic Centro for its price is merit enough to be on this list of best Country Properties in San Miguel de Allende, this home is all about lifestyle. Secluded in a peaceful environment this “oasis” features fruit trees and two lush gardens while the main House is built on 5 acres of land.

This luxury house is a treat for those that love to entertain. The house features amazing terrace views of the natural desert surrounding it with no neighbors nearby making it feel like you are in the middle of a plantation of Mexico’s era dorada.

Country House Casa Pirules in San Miguel de Allende with
Front Porch View of “Casa Pirules” in San Miguel de Allende

The French Provincial Vineyard

This Magnificent French Provincial Estate is located just on the Outskirts of San Miguel de Allende at the side of the mountain. The property has the spectacular view of the town and the countryside, which include: lakes, the valley, the river, and gardens. The home is a perfect opportunity for those that enjoy comfortable living and gracious entertaining.

Front door to a French Provincial style property in San Miguel de Allende
French Provincial Country House in San Miguel de Allende.

Perfect opportunity looking to retire and start their longterm living in San Miguel de Allende as the house is fully furnished with French Provencial décor that goes all the way to the backyard cottage.

In the evening this magnificent estate overlooks the valley giving some breathtaking sunsets that make this home a perfect Country getaway.

Las Garitas

This Magical Mexican Hacienda was built atop of a cliff composed of black and clear crystals giving it an amazing look. The property lies overlooking Rio Laja and the Valley of Atotonilco. The property is made of beautiful stone and amazing detail. This home is to every extent of the word, magical.

Las Garitas Mexican hacienda terrace View of the pool and surrounding landscape.
Las Garitas Mexican hacienda terrace View of the pool and surrounding landscape.

The outdoors of this magnificent estate is nonetheless impressive as there is a Jacuzzi that cascades into an infinity pool into the nearby lake of Laja. Additionally, the property is fully equipped with an outdoor kitchen that is perfect for an afternoon barbeque while enjoying the sunsets!

Magnificent Tuscan Estate

Located in one of the most exclusive Country settings in San Miguel de Allende, this 17 acres Tuscan style hacienda was designed by noted architect Niclole Bisgaard and built using only the finest of materials and is perfect for everyone who is looking for a luxurious second home or a retirement home that offers a great quality of life.

The estate was built on a hilltop so it enjoys a full view of the surrounding area, which is mostly mountains and valleys. The home was designed to take advantage of the setting and as such features high ceilings, terraces, and fireplaces that allow guest to enjoy a warm and comfortable winter.

Exclusive country property "Tuscan Estate" in San Miguel. Terrace view of the surrounding country setting.
Exclusive country property “Tuscan Estate” in San Miguel. Terrace view of the surrounding country setting.

This property is perfect for anyone looking for an exclusive Country getaway.

San Miguel de Allende Country Properties

Country properties in San Miguel de Allende are quite an exquisite treat for any buyer looking for elegance and tranquility. Those looking for a second place to call home or simply live a life of luxury in this magical town should be quite interested in seeing our other Country Properties right here.

Top 5 Neighborhoods in San Miguel de Allende

Parroquia of San Miguel de Allende during a clear evening

The Dream of Living in San Miguel de Allende

We often hear San Miguel is in the light of the international news, as a UNESCO world heritage it comes as no surprise that the number of people flocking to this town has nearly tripled in the last decade. Therefore, we took the time to recommend the best neighborhoods to live if you intend to purchase in San Miguel de Allende Real Estate.

Los Frailes

“Colonia” Los Frailes is one of the most sought out neighborhoods for Real Estate in San Miguel de Allende. It is comfortably located a few minutes away from the historic Centro and is relatively isolated from downtown busy streets which grant silence for those seeking to escape the busy lifestyle of the city. It also offers great views of the lake and countryside!

One of the best aspects of this part of town is its cobblestone streets that twist and turn seamlessly into a magical labyrinth of houses that are pretty just to observe.

Frailes san miguel de allende streets
Street sign post of two intersecting streets in Frailes neighborhood in San Miguel de Allende

Colonia Independencia – Contrasts Collide

If you are looking for a home away from home while still seeking to live a true “Mexican Neighborhood” then look no further than Colonia Independencia. It is a place where most Mexicans live right next to many American expats, the reason why so many people buy here is that depending on where your property is located you can have some great views to downtown and the “Parroquia” church itself.

Sunsets in San Miguel de Allende, in general, are quite a sight to behold worthy of a postcard picture, however, you can truly get to appreciate them if you live here, especially during summer you can really start to understand why so many people choose to live here.

One last advantage of living in this area of town is that you are right next to the highway that will take you in less than 40 minutes to Guanajuato, the capital of the state.

Terrace View of San Miguel de Allende Independencia Neighborhood
“Casa Vertical” in Colonia Independencia, San Miguel de Allende during a cloudy evening.

Balcones – The Neighborhood of Golden Sunsets

One of the best aspects of living in San Miguel de Allende is the sunsets, and the best place in town to appreciate them could arguably be “Balcones”. Set on top of a steep street you will find houses with some beautiful Mexican colonial touches.

Most, if not all, houses take full advantage of the fact that being set so up high in San Miguel de Allende will give you some breathtaking views of the historic Centro, the lake and the mountain range all while being showered in the golden rays of the sun during an afternoon.

If you can get past the fact that this neighborhood is set in a steep street I can almost guarantee you that the views alone will make your investment in real estate well worth it.


Perhaps this is the neighborhood with the most value in San Miguel de Allende Real Estate, the reason being it is close to Centro, some of the houses are as old as the town itself and still maintain its historic value.

But what this neighborhood really has to offer is elegance. One stroll through the streets of this place will go to show why it’s one of the most prestigious places to live in.

Historic Centro – The Heart of San Miguel de Allende

Centro is by far the best places to live in San Miguel de Allende if you are looking for a genuine taste of 18th Century Colonial Mexico during the time of the Conquista. There is a reason why the value of properties has grown so fast in recent years and that is because everyone wants a piece of the pie.

The current architectural trends in town are to incorporate contemporary touches with colonial architecture blending the old with the new. Truly something to be appreciated and noted the next time you visit San Miguel de Allende.

Why You Should Live in San Miguel de Allende

Mojigangas San Miguel de Allende

Why Invest Today in San Miguel de Allende Real Estate?

We often hear Mexico being in the forefront of the International spotlight and not always in a good way, however, many have started to hear San Miguel de Allende be one of the top destinations to retire abroad, and despite the negativity surrounding recent political events in the country it is still one of the best places to make investments and obtain some amazing yield in the mid to long run. Here I will list for you some of the great advantages of investing in San Miguel de Allende Real Estate.

High Value For The American Dollar

It is probably a safe bet to list this straight off the get-go, low peso means high value for the American dollar. If you had come visit Mexico about a decade ago you would have been able to exchange a single dollar for ten Mexican pesos. With this money many Americans and Europeans would come and have an amazing vacation, eat very healthy food given the fact that produce is not as heavily processed in Mexico and would be enough to entice many to realize that the quality of life in the country is in many cases “better” than in their native countries.

This has only been become more clear in recent years due to the global shift in economics and politics, in and outside of Mexico. People living in first world countries have less value in their fiat currencies due to inflation, which means that when it is time to spend your twilight years you have less to make more, and that is exactly when people looked to Mexico. With the Mexican peso hitting it’s lowest value, ever, it means that you can do a lot more with your money.

Best Quality of Lifestyle

Some may ask, “what good is money if you are going to spend it in an underdeveloped country?” The reality is that Mexico is definitely NOT a third world country, as a certain President would have you believe, and in fact has a very good infrastructure and its redeeming quality, amazing healthcare.

Mexico enjoys top of the line healthcare, with some of the best Medical universities in the world being here, it is no surprise that Mexico enjoys the largest industry of Medical tourism in Latin America. Many Americans go visit their southern neighbor at times almost exclusively for this reason. With medical bills costing a fraction of what they would in first world countries, medical insurance seems almost unnecessary.

This has made another thing possible, great retirement and assisted living services. Hospitality and friendliness in Mexico are world-wide renown so it is no surprise that the Country hosts two of the largest expatriate communities in the world, Lake Chapala and San Miguel de Allende. Mexicans have the highest respect for elders and are naturally “warm” and accepting of foreigners so retiring in Mexico is almost a no-brainer.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site Everyone Wants To Live In

And lastly, San Miguel de Allende Real Estate is an emerging market that has investors flocking to the UNESCO World Heritage site trying to stay ahead of the latest Real Estate trends that indicate that the town will in all likeliness be the number one retirement destination in the Continent.

TL;DR Investing in San Miguel de Allende Real Estate is a “no-brainer” due to the high value of the American dollar, great lifestyle value and having one of the largest retirement communities of baby-boomers you will never feel alone.