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Karina is originally from Mexico City, has a degree in Law, graduated from the Mexican University in Satélite, State of Mexico, she has extensive work experience in Public Notaries, having worked in them for 10 years, her knowledge of real estate transactions, the A taste for the law, dealing with clients and brokers, was what led her to get involved as a real estate agent. In addition to being aware of civil and family legal processes, which makes her a very complete agent.

In addition, Karina has studies in Plastic Arts from the San Carlos UNAM Academy. Her great passion for Art and the tranquility with which she lives in San Miguel de Allende was what attracted her to this beautiful city several years ago.

Of course, she enjoys the days when she can paint and draw and capture her emotions and thoughts through an artistic work and show it to others. Karina exhibits her artistic work in galleries in San Miguel. And there is something else that she loves to do and that is spending time with her daughter, who is studying a Bachelor's Degree in Cinematography in CDMX. And with whom she shares an interest in Art. As well as being next to her family who also live here.

Karina realized the very positive change that can be had when living in San Miguel, since everything is calmer, more relaxed, and with all the first-class services at hand. Since it is a multicultural destination and its people are quite warm.

She has been dedicating herself to being a real estate agent for some years, because living with new people and from different cultures is very pleasant, as well as providing a comprehensive service, which not only remains in the legal and financial aspects, but also that human and sensitive side. . It will be a pleasure for her to accompany you in this investment, and help you find the property of your dreams, in the best city in the world to live.

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Karina Molina

  • Real Estate Professional
Sollano 19, Centro
San Miguel De Allende, Guanajuato 37700 Mexico

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